Practice your word maps and hierarchies

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It takes practice to create good search words. Here you can practice some more.

Task 1:

You are working on an essay on moralism in childrens picture books, but you struggle to find information when searching for this term. Create a word-map around the term “Childrens picture books” to find other search words.

Task 2:

You want to write a paper on philosophy. Often, this will be regarded as a too wide study area. To limit your paper, you create a word map, specifying sub-categories of philosophy.

Task 3:

In your process of writing a paper, you need more information concerning Shitake mushrooms. Find how words from different categories can be used to describe your word, and place them correctly in this word map.

Task 4:

Now you have tried to sort previous word maps and hierarchies. Now it is your turn. Place your own key word on a piece of paper. What do you think are the subcategories of this term? Can you find broader terms that your term fits into?

Good luck!

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